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Problems and Solutions

A few possible problems ?

Do your staff bring their cell-phones, money, jewellery, iPods or other valuables to work?

Do they have a safe place to secure their valuables?  Clothing lockers are easily vandalised.

Do your staff use cell-phones during working hours thereby interfering with productivity and distracting them from the job at hand?

Staff insider information can be sent from cell-phones without your knowledge, thus making your cash vulnerable.

INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE is a serious threat in modern business.  Are you aware that your staff could use their cell-phone cameras to photograph designs, equipment, documents and other confidential information. 


Security Cell-Lock have developed a system of small safes to obviate these problems.

These are installed for staff to secure their valuables during working hours.

Your staff therefore cannot be distracted with calls, sms’s or other electronic influences (e.g. MP3).

The taking of photographs is eliminated.

Your staff has peace of mind that their valuables are safe e.g. cell-phones and money.

You have peace of mind that your staff’s own cash is not handled on the floor and cell-phones are not accessible during work time.