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The Cell-phone at school, 

and its consequences to our youth of today


Most people agree that the cell-phone phenomenon has changed the world

Why are cell-phones such a problem in our SCHOOLS?

Thousands, if not millions, of learners are using their cellphones during class.

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Parents often ask the question: “Why are teachers not stopping this?”

The answer is simple - Learners are masters of disguise in concealing their cellphones.  

Educators should concentrate on teaching and not waste time constantly acting as a policeman!

- Some schools allow cellphones, but the must be switched off during school hours.

- Some schools have banned cellphones from their premises.

- Some schools ask learners to hand in cellphones during school hours.

- Some schools have “installed the solution to the problem.”


Educators around the world are plagued by cell-phones problems.  In South Africa this has been exacerbated by the advent of MXit. 

Educators are trying to impart knowledge to learners who are constantly distracted by their cellphones.  Unfortunately this distraction also applies to the diligent learners as they watch the “bad apple” to see whether or not they will be caught. 

Educators find it extremely difficult to teach effectively and apprehend cell-phones abusers.

Why should a school have Cell-Locks?

Virtually every learner of 10 years or older has a cell-phones and/or iPod.  These “essential youth accessories” have become major disruptions to the education process.

Cellphones are constantly being used by learners during lessons to sms, chat, listen to music or use MXit.  Peer pressure plays an integral part in cell-phones abuse.  Teenagers, by their own admission (and obviously not to their parents!), are addicted to this practice.

Schools have tried various methods to limit the use of cellphones during class time, with limited success.  Learners openly defy school regulations by using their cellphones, thereby disturbing their own concentration, as well as other learners around them.

Many schools have confiscated cellphones (some have three boxes full!), only to find that the culprit is back online within 24 hours!

The current school large lockers are not considered by learners to be secure enough for their prized possessions.  


Security Cell-Lock has researched this epidemic for over a year and has developed a suitable and viable strategy that benefits the overall education process.

Educators, Learners and Parents benefit as follows:

For the Educators

 - Eliminates classroom distractions.


 - Limits its liability for the loss of learners valuables.


 - Improves the morale of the teachers



For the Learners

 - Peer pressure to illegally use their cell-phones is removed


- Distractions are eliminated from the classroom


- Their prized possessions are secure



For the Parents

- Their children are fully contactable outside of class time


- Their children obtain a quality education


Security Cell-Lock’s Objective

Security Cell-Lock’s primary objective is to keep pressurised educators motivated in order to teach our children.  By removing cellphones form the classroom, Security Cell-Lock is providing a solution, not to all of the problems, but definitely to the largest one.

Learners will not be overly ecstatic with these restrictions as their cellphones are viewed as an extension of themselves and a status symbol among their peers.

Banning cellphones from the school altogether, although believed by some schools to work, simply does NOT! 

With children the desire to “cell-u-lize” is so strong that the majority cannot resist the urge, no matter what the consequences, to “dial up”.  The Security Cell-Lock system removes that temptation.

In this crime ridden era parents want to be able to keep contact with their children.  Banning deprives them of this necessity, with possible adverse consequences to the school!

The Security Cell-Lock system allows learners their cell-phones outside of class time and thus gives vital parental assess during the vulnerable home / school / home commute.